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Since 1998, San Fermin Balconies (operated by GS incoming, Licensed Travel Agency CIE 2228) provides unforgettable, unique and exciting experiences for our customers during the San Fermin Festival.

We provide our local knowledge to create original and exclusive services customized to your personal preferences to ensure the best a San Fermin experience for you.

We are proud to say that our customers continue to recommend us to their acquaintances, family and friends as although we work with different nationalities and expectations, they convey that we are able to share the joy that governs this party in a safe and fun manner.

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to send us an email at: sanferminbalconies@gsincoming.com

CHUPINAZO! (Opening Ceremony)


On the 6th of July at 12 pm, 12.500 people are gathered in Pamplona ́s Town Hall Square (Plaza Consistorial). That ́s 5 people per square meter! All filled with excitement and joy as they have their pañuelicos (scarves) in hand, ready to put it around their neck as soon as the traditional rocket is launched and a burst of shouting: Viva San Fermin! Gora San Fermin takes place announcing eight days of non-stop partying!

San Fermin Balconies offers the possibility to share the joy of this exceptional moment avoiding cheap champagne baths, flour showers, eggs battles and a jostling crowd. You will be watching the Chupinazo (Opening Ceremony) from a private house facing the Town Hall in a stylish manner, as Navarra ́s Style Brunch will be served for you. Our guide will be with you during all the Opening Ceremony to ensure best service is delivered.

Having the opportunity to watch the Running of the Bulls from a balcony, is a privilege that not everyone can access to and have the opportunity to watch it from the famous Dead Man Corner, in the intersection between Estafeta St and Mercaderes St, is a dream come true!

Each daily Running of the Bulls is unique and exciting as the bulls are different, therefore we provide a full service including the balcony & breakfast in an astonishing private house and a guide who will give you all kind of explanations about what’s going on so you make the most of your San Fermin experience.



Although Pamplona ́s bullfight arena opens only during San Fermin Festival, remains one ofmost respected bullfight rings among Spain Bullfighting Culture.

The number of tickets available is very limited but San Fermin Balconies will try by all means to help you to get the best seats available for the chosen “Corrida”.

There are other activities to create an even most unforgettable experience during your stay in Pamplona while the Running of the Bulls.

Once we know what your expectations are we will design a tailor made program based in our local knowledge, sharing the hidden face of this unique party so attractive to Hemingway and that nowadays, famous artists and bullfighters enjoy in a anonymously fashion.


San Fermin Festival is a non stopping party 24/7 during 9 days. We believe rest well is vital to enjoy San Fermin Festival at its splendour! Our experience over the years has led us to work only with those hotels in Pamplona that offer the best value while ensuring great service and ambiance for our customers.


If you would rather stay nearby Pamplona, we can provide private transfers either Sedan or Minivan.


San Fermin Balconies can introduce you into the local culinary delicacies so you will discover the best restaurants. Thanks to our local knowledge you will taste the savoring Bull Stew as well as other typical dishes only served during the San Fermin Festivity.



Our Added Value

Our guides are local. Know the party inside out.

We make sure the ambiance is nice and clean. Nice house, breakfast, plenty of space so we make sure our customers feel safe and enjoy their San Fermin experience.

Licensed Travel Agency CIE 2228. Find about us at: www.gsincoming.com.

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